Our culture


  • We enhance the achievement of our customers for a cleaner mobility through pioneering insulation solutions.


  • “Be the preferred global partner in our speciality.”


  • Commitment and passion in everything that we do.
  • Optimism in facing challenges.
  • Team spirit based on mutual trust and transparency is the cornerstone of all working relationships.
  • Proactively identify problems, solutions and opportunities.
  • Agility and flexibility, driving change in a fast evolving environment.
  • Personal integrity and respect for each other.


  • Employee development
    Our team is our most valuable asset.
    Ensure personal and professional growth.
  • Customer focus
    Customer satisfaction. Identifying needs and offering added value products and services.
  • Innovation
    Catalyst for progress. Generation of new ideas and turning them into solutions.
  • Pursuing excellence
    Best processes. Health and safety. Quality, cost and service. Environmental protection.
    Continuous improvement.
  • Social responsibility
    Socioeconomic development of communities. Ethics and legal compliance.

Safety, health and environment

At Estamp Group there is a firm commitment to safety, labour health and the environment. This commitment is evidenced as follows:

  • Providing employees and other stakeholders with a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Relying on people who are aware of and respect the established rules and procedures and put safety first.
  • Awareness of the environmental impact generated, working to minimize it and applying the measures required for the protection, conservation and respect for the environment.
  • Developing a range of products that fostering cleaner and more sustainable mobility.

To ensure the compliance with this commitment, the production plants have an integrated Management System¹ according to reference standards ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, based on the following principles:

  • Establishing the objectives and actions aimed at attaining ‘0’ work accidents, occupational illnesses and environmental incidents.
  • Continuously improving the working conditions by:

– Providing employees with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) and placing at their disposal equipment, machines, and facilities in a suitable condition in terms of safety and ergonomics.

– Performing responsible chemicals management and handling according to regulations.

– Implementing effective fire protection systems and emergency plans.

– Reducing waste generation and gas emissions and preventing pollution, guaranteeing the best air quality.

– Responsibly using natural resources, constantly reducing their consumption and ensuring good water quality.

– Boosting energy efficiency and the circular economy.

  • Integrating preventive culture into daily activities and decisions.
  • Implementing preventive tools for the elimination/minimization of risks, monitoring the established rules, and identifying unsafe conditions and actions.
  • Training and awareness of employees, suppliers, subcontractors and visitors, developing participation and consultation methods.
  • Complying with the referenced regulations of the countries it operates in and, where required, establishing internal standards that are more demanding than these regulations.

NFIS 2019

NFIS 2020

NFIS 2021

¹Management System scope: all the activities, processes and products developed at Estamp.


A core issue for the Directors and Management at Estamp Group is demanding the compliance with regulations, a keystone of the business, with the following commitments:

  • Developing a corporate-focused compliance management system, centring on minimizing the risks identified and fostering constant improvement.
  • Providing the Compliance Supervisory Body with the necessary authority and independence to implement the system’s management.
  • Demanding ‘Zero Tolerance’ for behaviour that may lead to non-compliance with the law and compliance procedures, particularly in the following matters:

– Corruption, extortion and bribery.

– Unfair competition.

– Conflict of interest.

– Fraud or counterfeit.

  • Preserving the privacy, intellectual property rights and confidentiality of information, avoiding any type of non-authorized disclosure.
  • Guaranteeing financial responsibility and reliable and accurate records.
  • Generating a culture of compliance respecting these procedures.
  • Training staff in the awareness and understanding of their compliance-related responsibilities and in applying the management system.
  • Fostering the reporting of any non-compliance events, incidents or doubts concerning compliance procedures, using the whistle-blowing channels created by the company and ensuring personal protection against retaliation.
  • Enforcing disciplinary actions, as provided under the current labour rules in force, where necessary.
  • Achieving third-party commitments (suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners) in applying the compliance system with the endorsement of Estamp Group’s Code of Conduct.

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