Estamp collects 140,000 plastic caps for charity

Estamp is a socially responsible company that participates in many charity projects. Since 2015 the firm has cooperated with the SEUR Foundation in an eco-friendly charity project for recycling [...]

Estamp new corporate video

Welcoming this 2018 presenting our new corporate video. It shows the essence of Estamp and how we enjoy everything we do, mastering heat and noise. Happy 2018 to everyone!

Estamp starts working as Tier 1 of Ford and Volvo

All efforts are rewarded and in January 2017 Estamp was recognized for all the resources that have been implemented to be the new Tier 1 supplier of thermal and thermo-acoustic heat shields of [...]

Estamp starts production in Mexico in July 2017

With global service as a key part of our strategic plan, a new manufacturing plant is being built in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Start of production is scheduled for July 2017 and is aimed at [...]

Estamp gets revamp with New Logo

With 32 years of history, we’re beginning a new phase with a new Estamp corporate image. This new image is the first step in the evolution of our business strategy and values the identity and [...]

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